As the name suggests, its the front of a store.

Storefront is basically the front end for your hybris eco system, which is visible to potential customers. They can browse products, categories offered by business. They can contact the business from here. They can order an item or cancel the purchase from here.

The storefront also allows you to search for physical stores present in your area using store locators. User can search for a product and add it his wishlist.

So basically, the store front is the control panel for the customers to get engaged with business in several ways. We normally call it the web site.

What does ATP means in hybris?

ATP – Available to promise.

ATP is an integer, which defines, the number of stock that is available to promise to customer as sell-able. In real life, the stock present in warehouse doesn’t necessarily means that it is the amount, you can sell. this is because

  • Some stock available at a warehouse, when it start operations (after a reconciliation, typically every morning). it is known as Stock on hand (SOH).
  • some stock at a warehouse, may already be ordered, and waiting to be shipped. we can not sell it again. such stock is known as reserved.
  • We may ask for more stock from other partner/warehouse in a timely manner. such stock is called oversell.
  • an order is cancelled. so it would be available again. we need to subtract ordered quantity from reserved.
  • An order is returned. so it would be available again. we need to subtract ordered quantity from reserved.

so we see, there may be many business rules, which may define the ATP level. A typical definition of ATP may be:

ATP = ( SOH + OverSell ) – reserved

What is base store?

While designing the data model for a project, we need to represent every physical entity with an online analog. Like for consumers of your products/services, we have Customer.

Here Customer is not just a word in online world. Rather it is an item type, which has its own attributes and data structure, like email, mobile of customer. every thing related to customer will go in a table called Customer.

Similarly, we need to define an online entity to represent the whole business house. This will have all the attributes, related to business, like websites associated with it, all physical stores the product catalogs, currency it operates in, etc.

This entity chosen is Base store.